Power Z manages the positioning of one axis in analog +/-10V with position feedback provided by incremental encoder and three Step Dir axis.

 The exchange of data between the HMI and the PLC is quick and direct, unlike the traditional method of variables interchange. At the back of the controller an USB connector is available. It is possible to store and upload data, formulas, programs and firmware.


Technical features:

Power Supply 24Vdc
7″ color display
Touch screen
Dimensions 243x146x45 (LxHxP in mm)
1 MB sram
8 MB flash on microcontroller
10 digital inputs 24Vdc
8 digital outputs 24Vdc 0,35A protected
2 digital outputs 24 Vdc 0.05 A
3 analog inputs 0.5V
1 RS232 port (RS485 optional)
1 USB 2.0 on rear side (optional on front panel)
1 line driver encoder 5V (on request Push Pull)
1 analog output +/-10V
3 PWM or STEP/DIR output (single line signals, not interpolated axes)
1 Can open port for I/O expansion
1 SPI Port for INT-SPI (16I+16O expansion board)

Power Z models:

7″ LCD without keyboard

7″ LCD without keyboard

Diagram Power Z:


different positioning, saw machines, wrapping machines, spray booths, supervision systems, shoes and leather machines, many different kinds of special machines, and all the applications which require a low cost, flexible and reliable PLC with HMI.



accessories for power-Z motion controller: 


This card has 16 digital. Besides these inputs it is capable to connect to a 16 input/outputs module.all Inputs are


This card has 12 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs of 0 to 5 volts. In addition, the inputs are


This card has 16 PNP outputs. In addition, the outputs are capable of connecting a module of 16 outputs, which,