This card has 12 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs of 0 to 5 volts. In addition, the inputs are capable of connecting a module of 16 outputs, which, if connected, will support a total of 12 digital inputs and 4 analog outputs (0 to 5V) and 16 digital outputs. The inputs are Sink / Source type and can connect sensors with npn and pnp outputs. A common terminal is also provided for all four inputs so that the sensors with npn and pnp output can be used in combination.


General specifications PCS-16MCX-NS1:

Number of digital inputs: 12 sink / source inputs
Number of Analog Inputs: 4 Analog inputs with measuring range 0 to 5 volts
Ability to connect an output module
Power supply: 24V DC according to industry standards

Applications of PCS-16MCX-NS1:

As a module in industrial projects, instrumentation, motion control, SCADA and …….


Accessories of PCS-16MCX-NS1:

A PES-16 ECO-NT1 Expansion card with 16 PNP transistor outputs is connected to this product.




Digital inputs are of Sink and Source type and NPN or PNP sensors can be connected to this type of product group. Digital outputs are offered in three NPN and PNP models and relay outputs.


All modules are mounted on standard miniature rails.