This card has 16 digital. Besides these inputs it is capable to connect to a 16 input/outputs module.all Inputs are Sink/Source type and they are capable of connecting to npn and pnp sensors. It also has a joint terminal for every 4 inputs to use npn and pnp sensors together.


Specifications of PCS-16MCI-NS1:

16 digital Sink/Source inputs
ability to connect to a output module
24V DC according to industrial standards

Applications for PCS-16MCI-NS1:

Using as a module in industrial projects, precise tool, motion control, scada…


Accessories for PCS-16MCI-NS1:

PCS-16ECO-NT1 that has 16 transistorized pnp output can be used with this card that in this case we will have 16 Sink/Source inputs and 16 pnp outputs or we can use a PCS-16ECI-NS1 expansion card that have 16 Sink/Source inputs that in this case Sink/Source inputs number will be increased to 32.


wiring of PCS-16MCI-NS1:

Digital inputs are Sink/Source type and npn and pnp sensors can connect to this products group. Digital outputs are npn, pnp and relay type.

Dimension of PCS-16MCI-NS1:

All modules can be installed on standard miniature rails