Power L is the smallest and cheapest controller of the Power family. It includes Motion Control, PLC and Operator panel with lcd color touch screen (HMI) available in 5.7” VGA and 7” WSVGA. It’s based on a powerful RISC processor working at 132 Mhz 32 bit interfaced to a non-volatile RAM at high speed. 

Thanks to its wide connectivity CANopenModbus (both serial and TCP/IP) and Ethernet (in Client/Server, FTP or WEB server mode) it offers automatic machine designers powerful performances at very convenient prices. For its high Connectivity it offers the opportunity to supervise and control functions of machines and plants with also the possibility to collect data on field from different kinds of sensors. This feature, besides being price friendly, allows designers to start a new technological development of machines considering the quick diffusion of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) due to the progressive execution of the European strategic plan Industry 4.0.

Power L specifications:

Power Supply 24 V dc
7″ color display Touch screen
8 MB flash on micro-controller
16 digital inputs 
16 digital outputs
7 analog inputs 0~5 V
1 RS-232 port (RS-485 is optional)
1 USB 2.0 on rear side
2 line driver encoder 5 V 

2 analog output for axis control
2 analog output +/-10 V
4 STEP/DIR output
1 Can open port for I/O expansion
4 interpolation axis

Power L models:

 7 اینچ تاچ بدون کلید

 7 اینچ تاچ 20 کلید 

Power-L diagram:

Power-L applications:

Metal, Wood, Stone, Textile, Alimentary, Supervision, special machines etc.

Power-L field usage:

Metal, Wood, Stone, Textile, Alimentary, Supervision, special machines etc.

Power-L accessories:

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This card has 16 digital. Besides these inputs it is capable to connect to a 16 input/outputs module.all Inputs are


This card has 12 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs of 0 to 5 volts. In addition, the inputs are


This card has 16 PNP outputs. In addition, the outputs are capable of connecting a module of 16 outputs, which,