This is an expansion card that support 16 PNP outputs.  when connected to a PCS-16MCI-NS1 Series it  support a total of 32 PNP outputs.


General specifications:

Outputs: 16 PNPs
Ability to connect an output expansion module
Power supply: this expansion module supplied from bus. no need to connect power to its terminals.


As a module in industrial projects, instrumentation, motion control, SCADA and …



if connect this cart can connected to PCS-16MCI-NS1 then you have totally 16inputs and 16 output

if connect this cart can connected to PCS-16MCO-NT1 then you have totally 32 outputs.



The terminals of this package are as follows, all digital outputs are PNP type.

Dimensions PCS-16ECO-NT1:

All modules are mounted on standard miniature rails.