Pars Automation offer a wide range of accessories for CNC machines. many parts and tools for milling, turning, cutting, wood, metal and etc. All of our products match to our machines, and also work with other CNC machines as well.


Anti Collision Plasma Torch Holder

Anti collision plasma torch holder PTH30 and PTH31 series are designed to protect the plasma torch from crashing. With passive stiffness, PTH30/31 will react immediately to

Additional panel

MCP series panel is a additional panel that can be used directly with M, C & P series contollers. This

Tool measurement unit

According to day to day increasing progress of production lines and production line control softwares and advanced CNC machines for

PCS series

PCS series are designed for industrial application. these group of RTU support 16in /16out package.


هندویل ها یکی از مهمترین ابزار های اپراتوری برای ماشین های صنعتی می باشند که به کمک ان شما قادر