Upgrading, updating and designing various CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, Multi-spindle milling machines, Multi-axis turning machines, Milling machines with tool change and multi-axis systems, CNC controller replacement, motors and rulers replacement, overhaul and updating the machine to your custom needs and custom applications, adding special features to CNC turning machines and CNC milling machines are some of our activities. Other activities include machine design and accessories, replacement of special tools and rotary systems.
If you have an old CNC machine in your workshop or factory and would like to update it, then Pars Automation equipment and solutions are the best choice for you to upgrade your system.

Market and industry of The machine tool is thriving, and sophisticated technologies are being added to the industry every day to improve system efficiency and energy consumption and reduce system complexity, for example the chart below Forecast shows the United States Machine Tool market growth from 2005 to 2025. As the graph shows, Lathe cnc and Milling cnc have the largest market share.

US machine tool market share and growth rate

 The solutions offered by Pars Automation company have the most up-to-date European technology and competitive pricing and with help of these solutions, the customer will benefit from improved CNC machine performance. A wide range of consumer products are manufactured by CNC milling and lathe machines and other types of CNC machines.

Examples of goods made using modern automation:

Kitchenware made by CNC milling machine

After the initial production process of the containers, their floors are machined using center milling machines and a beautiful and uniform surface is achieved.

Glass cup made by CNC machine

Many glassware such as cups and dishes are made by mould. Glass moulds are manufactured using highly precision milling machines.

Manufacture of plastic toys with modern automation

With the help of CNC milling machines, very precise moulds are made and plastic parts are obtained by injection of molten plastic into those moulds (plastic injection machine).

Car rim made with Milling CNC and Lathe CNC

The new rims, which have a beautiful aluminum body and beautiful appearance, have a more beautiful appearance and a more aerodynamic shape after initial production by milling and turning machines with a lathe, milling and then final plating.

Key and car key made with automatic method by CNC machine

Modern automation systems provided by Pars Automation can produce all kinds of car keys and keys with advanced CNC milling machines.

Ball valve produced by a lathe machine

After the initial production of the valve body, the threads are created by a CNC lathe machine on the main raw body and the valve can be attached to another piece.

Crankshaft of car which is manufactured by CNC with the help of machine tool technology.

One of the most important machine tool consumer industries is the automotive industry, which, with the help of modern technology and the machine tool industry, has greatly increased the accuracy and quality of products and increased productivity. Almost all modern automobiles use machine tools and CNCs. From CNC lathe and CNC milling machine to welding robots and cutting machines and advanced moulds and fully automatic presses and etc.

In the field of machine tools and CNC machines, Pars Automation always offers various services and solutions according to the latest technologies in the world.
Advice on automation of machine tools and modern machines
Design of industrial machines
Performing various projects in the field of automation of milling machines, lathe machines and special machines
Full project implementation (design, simulation, construction and operation)
Providing the best solution at the most reasonable price for the machine tool industry

Below are some examples of our solutions for improving industrial and production lines:

turning cnc machine

turning cnc machine ring production turning cnc machine Automatic Lathe Automatic turning cnc machine

milling cnc application

    3 axis milling cnc Milling cnc machine