Types of industrial fabric sewing machines, CNC fabric cutting machines, fabric printing machines, spinning machines and many other machines are textile industry machines.

Textile industry as one of the oldest industries in Iran has been used by people for a long time. Manufacturing of yarns and fabrics has long been in common use. With the advent of technology and industrialization of societies and increasing consumption of textiles and textiles, the need for technology and machine tools in this industry has been increasing day by day.

 راهکارهای پارس اتوماسیون در صنعت نساجی
 راهکارهای پارس اتوماسیون در صنعت نساجی

Spinning has a long history in Iran and is one of the oldest industries in Iran

Pars Automation Company as one of the active companies in the field of providing textile automation services to companies in this sector is considering the implementation of various projects as well as the supply of industrial automation equipment. Including CNC machines for the textile industry such as sewing and fabric cutting machines that are very popular nowadays.

Examples of modern automation products provided by Pars Automation Company:

Sewing clothes with the help of fully automatic machines

In this process, the sewing process is done automatically by the CNC machine, and the type of thread, the amount of stitching, and how the sewing machine is designed are fully automatic.

Sewing Mattress With CNC Fabric Sewing Machine

A variety of designs are computer-aided and fabricated using a fully automatic CNC sewing machine. Pars Automation offers comprehensive software and solutions in this field.

Fabric printing with industrial machines

With the help of print cliches or special stencils, the color is drawn onto the fabric and the design is printed. This process is similar to the traditional method but with the help of machines.

Today, with the industrialization of the textile and sewing processes, Pars Automation Company, as one of the active companies in providing technical equipment and providing technical engineering services to industrial companies, has provided various solutions to this part of the industry.

In the field of textile machinery, Pars Automation always offers various services and solutions according to the latest technologies in the world.
  Advice on automating old sewing machines and converting them into modern machines
  Design and production of special machines for textile industry
  Performing various projects in the field of automation of textile factories
  Full project implementation (design, simulation, construction and operation)
  Providing the best solution at the most reasonable price for the textile industry
  Updating screw thread machines and Cops winder to new systems

Below are some examples of our solutions for improving industrial and product lines.

Industrial Sewing CNC machine

SWING MACHINE SWING CNC MACHINE printing application by Power-L

Textile printing CNC machine

SWING MACHINE SWING CNC MACHINE printing application by Power-L