Updating, designing and upgrading all types of stone cutting machines, stone engraving machines, disc cutting machines, peak cutting machines, double disc cutting machines and single disc cutting machines have been our activities in the building stone industry. . We are always trying to provide the most user-friendly and easy-to-use system in the industry so that the machine users can easily execute their desired operation with the least knowledge of the complex process of machining and moving of the machine.

پارسه، بزرگترین بنای سنگی ایران

Parseh, Iran's largest stone building

Since its inception in stone industry field and related industries, Pars Automation has been successfully designed software and mechatronic mechanisms for the most advanced stone machinery and using Italian technology who are among the best in the world in stone industry, Pars Automation is always on the way of progress.

Examples of goods made by modern automation using Pars Automation Solutions:

سنگ کف سالن تولید شده با ماشین واترجت

floor stone of the hall produced by waterjet machine

In this product, all colors are natural and produced automatically by the Waterjet CNC Cutting Machine. After the parts are manufactured, the parts are put together by the machine operator and a beautiful flooring will be produced.

سر ستون های تولید شده با ماشین حکاکی CNC سنگ

Column head made with CNC stone engraving machine

These column head are designed and manufactured by marble engraving machines or other models. The designer designs the column with the help of CAD / CAM software and then produces it using the machine.

ابنمای  سنگی تولید شده با حکاکی سی ان سی

CNC engraved stone fountain

Multi-storey stone fountain made by stone milling cnc. Each floor is individually produced and then assembled at the installation site.

Examples of Pars Automation activities in stone industry:
Updating disk cutting stone machines
Designing, manufacturing and updating CNC stone wire cutting machines
Execution of various industrial projects in the field of stone and building
Full implementation of the project in the field of stone (design, simulation, construction and operation)
Updating, designing and manufacturing stone engraving machines
Manufacture of stone waterjet machines and CNC stone cutters
Peak cutting machines and wire cutting

Below are some examples of Pars Automation solutions and solutions in the field of stone, stone, building stone and decoration:

Stone cutting disk cnc machine

marble cutting 2 Axis marble cutting stone engraving  3 Axis cnc stone engraving

Stone engraving cnc machine

در ماشین های حکاکی سنگ رنج متنوعی از محصولات تولید می گردد. برای مثال یک...

marble wire cutting cnc machine

marble cutting 2 Axis marble cutting stone engraving  3 Axis cnc stone engraving