CNC Glass Cutting Machines, Glass Cutting Machines, Diamond and Glass Grinding Machines, Forming and Baking Furnaces, Mirror Cutting Machines are among the most used machines in the glass industry. As one of the most active companies in the field of glass equipment and related industries, Pars Automation company has been active for a long time. One of the most important industries in the glass industry is the auto glass industry. Pars Automation is one of the leading companies in this field that has always provided comprehensive solutions for this part of the industry.

Glass industry as one of the oldest and most attractive industries in Iran and the world that has been noted in our country because of its antiquity.

The use of colored glass in Iranian monuments

The solutions offered by Pars Automation Company have the most up-to-date European technology and competitive pricing and with help of these solutions, the customer will benefit from improved CNC machine performance. A wide range of products manufactured in the glass industry are produced by CNC machines.

Examples of goods manufactured by modern automation in the glass industry provided by Pars Automation:

Gas stove door, hood and microwave oven

The gas stove glass, hood and microwave oven are cut using precision CNC machines and then cut using the grinding CNC machine until their edges sharpness disappears.

Car mirror manufactured with CNC glass cutting machine

Car mirrors are cut by CNC machines and manufactured with high precision. The whole process is automatic.

Automobile Glass

With the help of CNC machines and complete production lines, the glass is first cut and then the edges of the glass are cut with a diamond machine and eventually molded in extremely high temperature furnaces and converted to the desired shape.

One of the most important consumer industries of glass, building industry and building related equipment such as window and door glass, cabinet glass, gas stove glass and hood and microwave oven etc.
Another major consumer of the glass industry is the automotive industry, which, with the help of modern technologies and the machine tool industry, has greatly increased the accuracy and quality of products and increased productivity. Includes front and rear windshields, side glass, mirrors and glass roof in the car.

In the field of glass industry automation and glass industry, Pars Automation Company always offers a variety of services and solutions in accordance with the latest technologies in the world.
Advice on automation of machine tools and modern machines
Design of special industrial machines
Performing a variety of projects in the field of automation of glass industry machines and special machines
Execution of various projects in the field of glass cutting machines, CNC Diamond Grinding Machines
Performing a variety of projects in the field of glass lathes, glass drilling and glass printing
Full project implementation (design, simulation, construction and operation)
Providing the best solution at the most reasonable price for the machine tool industry

Here are some examples of our solutions for improving industrial and product lines:

grinding cnc machine

glass diamond glass diamond machine

glass cutting cnc machine

glass cutting CNC machine glass cutting CNC machine

car glass production line

glass production line glass production line