The activities of Pars Automation Company include various types of adhesive machines, foam injection machines, adhesive robots as well as updating of injection and dispensing machines. Our other activities include designing and manufacturing machines and robots for adhesives and tanks and pumps for the adhesive industry.

The gluing industry is very popular and in many areas Fields injection and dispensing machines are used. One of the most important applications of glue injection machines is in the automotive industry. For example, in the production and assembly of an automobile engine, one of the most important steps is to attach the cylinder-head

بدنه ساختمان و ستون پل های بتونی که با میلگرد ساخته می شود توسط دستگاه های اتوماتیک تولید می شود

car engine cylinder-head glueing before assmbly

The solutions provided by Pars Automation have the most up-to-date technologies in Europe, and the benefits of improved machine performance will be tangible. A wide range of consumer products are manufactured by adhesive injection, foam injection, adhesive and dispensing machines.

Examples of modern automation products manufactured by Pars Automation CNC machines and controllers:

خم کردن میلگرد توسط ماشین های سی ان سی خاموت زن

Adhesive SMD boards for holding parts

The fully automatic CNC machine drops the required amount of adhesive at certain points to keep the adhesive pieces fixed on the electronic board.

میز و صندلی با لوله های استیل به روش خم اتوماتیک و دقیق

Production of car air filter with CNC adhesion

The polyurethane foam around the car air filter (orange foam) is poured around the special paper by a special CNC machine equipped with special foam injection systems and then dried.

میز و صندلی با لوله های استیل به روش خم اتوماتیک و دقیق

Foam injection in the door of the electrical enclosureand split box with CN

To prevent the penetration of dust and moisture into the electrical enclosure and partition boxes, they cover the door with polyurethane foam to prevent the penetration of dust and moisture into them when closing the door.

Injection Machines, Adhesive and Foam Injection Robots and Special Dispensing Machines provided by Pars Automation as the best solution for the foam injection and injection industry. Supplying special adhesion equipment such as special Dispensing CNC Controller, adhesive nozzle and special machine design is another part of Pars Automation Company's activities in the industry.

In the field of CNC adhesive machines, Pars Automation always offers a variety of services and solutions according to the latest technologies in the world.
  Advice on automation of adhesive machines and modern industrial machines
  Design of adhesive robots and industrial machines
  Performing various projects in the field of automation of CNC dispensing machines
  Full project implementation (design, simulation, construction and operation)
  Providing the best solution at the most affordable price for the PU dispensing industry

Below are some examples of our solutions for improving industrial and product lines.

dispensing cnc machine

CNC Dispensing machine CNC Dispensing machine CNC Dispensing machine Dispensing cnc by Tex Power-L series...