CNC flame Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Tube Cutting Machine, CNC Tin Cutting Machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine, Portable Plasma Cutting Machine, Portable flame Cutting Machine, Various Dimension Cutting Machines Various capabilities include sheet metal cutting machines. Pars Automation offers very comprehensive and comprehensive solutions for this sector of the industry. Collaboration with many manufacturers and makers of sheet metal and sheet metal industry has made Pars Automation Company the best and most modern equipments on this market.. Using CAD / CAM software for the sheet cutting industry designed and manufactured by the Pars Automation software team, your machining and design processes are greatly reduced and will increase productivity in your workshop or factory.

If you have a plasma cutting machine, the machine operator must produce a variety of designs in a short time. With Pars Automation's cutting-edge CNC software and controllers, the machine operation process will be greatly reduced because the operator will simply file, g-code, and g-code the machine with just a few simple clicks. Converts to G code and sends it to controller. And then cuts the file with the help of a controller.

Steel structures manufactured with CNC machines and smart automation

Pars Automation Co. is active in this industry with a wide range of solutions, products, machines and software. We are always working to develop a system that enables the user to complete the design process with the least technical knowledge in the shortest possible time and lead to production.

Examples of goods made using modern automation:

Steel structure manufactured with steel sheet pieces

The tube-shaped path is first designed extensively, then the sheets are converted to CNC-readable files by special cutting software, and the controller proceeds to cut steel sheets. At the end, the sheets are then bent, bent and reconnected by the welding robot.

Three-way CNC plasma cutting machine

Using a Pipe cutting cnc machine, they cut parts of the pipe and then cut the pipes into contact with a human operator or welding robot. In this system, the cutting quality and precision of welding are very important.

Automatically produced steel structure

All parts of this massive structure are cut by Plasma Cutting Machines and then bonded by welding operators or robots. The whole process is managed by CAD / CAM machining software.

Pars Automation always offers a variety of services and solutions in accordance with the latest technologies in the world.Design and advice on improving CNC cutting processes and cutting machinesTraining and supply of cutting edge software such as CAD / CAM cutting softwareSupply of cutting machine automation equipmentSupply of CNC Controller for different types of plasma machines, flame, lasers and waterjetsSupply and supply of plasma height controller, torch plasma holders;Design of special cutting mechanismsDesign of accessories for cutting machines for air and plasmaPerforming all kinds of industrial projects in the field of cutting and sheet metalFull project implementation (design, simulation, construction and operation)Providing the best solution at the most reasonable price for machine makers and manufacturersBelow are some examples of Pars Automation solutions and solutions for improving industrial and product lines.


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