Upgrading, updating and designing of various types of pipe and profile bending machines, rebar bending machines, as well as updating of press brakes, bending sheets and other machines in this part of the industry are activities of Pars Automation Company. Our other activities include designing and manufacturing multipurpose transition machines and feeders robots.

The bending industry is very popular and bending machines are used in many fields. One of the most important applications of bending machines is in the construction and construction of the main body of the building with rebar. stirrup machines do this.

بدنه ساختمان و ستون پل های بتونی که با میلگرد ساخته می شود توسط دستگاه های اتوماتیک تولید می شود
بدنه ساختمان و ستون پل های بتونی که با میلگرد ساخته می شود توسط دستگاه های اتوماتیک تولید می شود

Building structure and column of the concrete bridges that made by rebar are manufactured by automatic devices.

The solutions offered by Pars Automation have the most up-to-date technologies in Europe at the best competitive prices, and will benefit from improved machine performance. A wide range of consumer products can be produced by rebar bending machine, stirrup machine, brake press, sheet bending machine and CNC profile bending machine.Examples of modern automation products manufactured by Pars Automation CNC machines and controllers:

خم کردن میلگرد توسط ماشین های سی ان سی خاموت زن

Bending of rebar by CNC stirrup machine

CNC stirrup machines bend the  rebar to the desired shape and then assemble them by fitting them with a fitting. Nowadays, it is manufactured by fully automatic kammamut machines and also produced by kammamatum.

میز و صندلی با لوله های استیل به روش خم اتوماتیک و دقیق

Table and chair with steel pipes in automatic bending method

Tables and chairs with steel body are made of smooth pipes and profiles, which are produced by curved tubing machines.

میز و صندلی با لوله های استیل به روش خم اتوماتیک و دقیق

CNC bent copper tubes are uniform

In many applications, such as refrigerators and radiators, refrigerated copper tubes and air-cooled copper tubes are produced by bending devices.

قطعات فلزی و پروفیل های دستگاه های ورزشی

Metal parts and profiles of sports equipment

With the help of profile bending machines, they bend square and rectangular profiles in various curved shapes to be used in sports equipment.

لوله های استیل مورد استفاده در صنایع غذایی

Steel pipes used in the food industry

Steel pipes and material carring in the food industry that have to replace beverages and liquids are bent and bent by the pipe bending machine.

ورق های فلزی جهت تولید باکس ها

Sheets for producing boxes

Types of metal sheets are bent after cutting plasma and lasers and transformed into metal boxes. Such as metal box, computer case and ...

چند نمونه خم لوله استیل که با ماشین CNC تولید شده است

چند نمونه خم لوله استیل که با ماشین CNC تولید شده است

Pipe bending machines and profile bending machines provided by Pars Automation are equipped with European controllers and utilize the best equipment that facilitates usability and efficiency, as well as improved bending quality. The use of up-to-date technologies in bending machines enables you to have precise statistics of production, waste rate, calculation of efficiency, calculation of work efficiency and other management parameters in the machine by default. The use of the transmitter robot helps the machine to be able to perform fully automatic tubing, bending and removal operations.

In the field of pressing machines and CNC bending machines, Pars Automation always offers various services and solutions according to the most up-to-date technologies in the world.
  Advice on automation of bending machine and modern industrial machine
  Design of special industrial machines
  Performing a variety of projects in the field of automation of pipe bending machines, cans bending, sheet bending and CNC pressing
  Full project implementation (design, simulation, construction and operation)
  Offering the Best Price at the Best Price for the Bending Industry

Below are some examples of our solutions for improving industrial and product lines.

press brake application

Press brake 3 axis Press brake by Tex Power-L

pipe bending cnc machine

pipe bending  professional pipe bending with Tex controller