Factory automation or factory automation is a set of hardware and software features that mechanize the production process, beside other benefits such as improved product quality, improved human workspace, increased production efficiency and Speed of production and ... This process (Factory Automation) is not limited to a specific industry,frome a spinning plant to a factory producing plastic , producing chips, powders, metal profiles, and even plaster and cement.
The following sections provide some examples of our solutions for improving industrial and product lines

Horizontal packaging machine

ماشین بسته بندی کیک و کلوچه، بسته بندی صنایع غذایی، پرکن های صنعتی Packaging machine...

printing machine

چاپ روی کارتن printing machine

pars automation As one of the leading companies in the field of hardware supply, software supply and implementation of industrial automation projects, Pars Automation has taken positive steps to promote the country's industry.

The factory and machinery automation process can include all kinds of conveyors, machines, robots, presses, product transportation systems, material carrying systems and product quality control, and throughout the production process, all stages such as production, production processing, Check and QC and shipment to warehouse are fully automated.Some of the benefits of using industrial automation systems are as following:

More efficient use of manpower and reduced work pressure
Increase system efficiency
Improve production quality
Reduce depreciation of machinery
Increase production efficiency
Reduce operator costs
Fix the problem of shortage of skilled labor
Improve system safety and manpower
Reduce product production time
System repeatability
And reducing errors caused by the manufacturing process
Better quality control
Reduce the amount of waste
Linkage of production system with sales, trading and management systems
Energy monitoring and energy consumption optimization

بدنه ساختمان و ستون پل های بتونی که با میلگرد ساخته می شود توسط دستگاه های اتوماتیک تولید می شود

The solutions provided by Pars Automation are the most up-to-date technologies and include a variety of hardware and software components, industrial controllers (PLC), industrial monitors (HMI), and Inverter and Servo , There are various types of temperature controller as well as other industrial and automation products.
Examples of modern automation products manufactured by Pars Automation Machinery and Equipment:

خم کردن میلگرد توسط ماشین های سی ان سی خاموت زن

Production of cakes and Cookies with modern industrial automation

With the help of full-service packing machines, industrial plants produce more diverse products at a higher speed and quality, which will produce a better product without the intervention of manpower and hygiene.

میز و صندلی با لوله های استیل به روش خم اتوماتیک و دقیق

Production of car air filter with CNC adhesion

The polyurethane foam around the car air filter (orange foam) is poured around the special paper by a special CNC machine equipped with special foam injection systems and then dried.

میز و صندلی با لوله های استیل به روش خم اتوماتیک و دقیق

funnel ice cream

With the use of Motion control technologies and modern industrial automation, industrial machines and production lines control the production process with a higher speed and better quality and produce a health product.

Along with hardware solutions to improve factory systems and modern industrial automation, Pars Automation offers software products for automation systems that improve the business process, calculate manufacturing indices, calculate productivity indices, calculate quantities. Performs wastage calculation / calculation of OEE and etc and reports an overview of the system to the commercial and management systems.

In the field of automation of factories and machines, Pars Automation always offers various services and solutions according to the latest technologies in the world.
   Advice on automation of machinery and automation of factories and modern industrial machines
   Design of special industrial machines to improve industrial processes and increase mechanization
   Execution of various projects in the field of factory automation (dispensing Cnc)
   Full implementation of production projects (design, simulation, construction and operation)
   Providing the Best Solutions for Industrialization of Manufacturing Processes (Factory Automation)