As one of the leading companies in the field of industrial automation, Motion Control and CNC systems, Pars Automation offers comprehensive solutions in various fields of industrial automation. Among the most important areas of work for Pars Automation are product line smarts, industrial automation products, CNC services and Motion Control systems and services.

Below are some examples of our solutions for improving industrial and product lines:

robotic solution

کاربرد ربات های صنعتی در بخش های مختلف صنعت از قبیل صنایع غذایی و بهداشتی...

Smart Agriculture

Agricultural technology is expanding rapidly in the world. As one of the world's leading agricultural...

smart city

Making smart urban services and metropolitan management is impossible without the use of new technologies,...


Upgrading, updating and designing various CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, Multi-spindle milling machines, Multi-axis...

IOT solution

راه حل های پارس اتوماسیون در خصوص اینترنت اشیاء و iot Read more

machine tools

Upgrading, updating and designing various CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, Multi-spindle milling machines, Multi-axis...

Industrial Automation

Factory automation or factory automation is a set of hardware and software features that mechanize...

Pars Automation always considers the following in providing any solution:

More efficient use of manpower and reduced work pressure
Increase system efficiency
Improve production quality
Reduce depreciation of machinery
Increase production efficiency
Reduce operator costs
Fix the problem of shortage of skilled labor
Improve system and manpower safety
Reduce product production time
System repeatability and error reduction due to manufacturing process
Better quality control
Reduce the amount of waste
Link production system with sales, trading and management systems

 Pars Automation Company, using its many years of experience and executing more than hundreds of projects in various fields of industrial automation such as glass industry automation, wood industry automation and wood carving, construction industry, CNC drilling and cutting machines, CNC Plasma Cutting, Production Line Automation such as cake and muffin production line, rebar and pipe bending, plastic & cellphone manufacturing machine, building facade & decorative flooring & many other industries.
Examples of goods made using modern automation:

floor stone of the hall produced by waterjet machine

In this product, all colors are natural and produced automatically by the Waterjet CNC Cutting Machine. After the parts are manufactured, the parts are put together by the machine operator and a beautiful flooring will be produced.

Car glass made with CNC machine

Car glass is produced by a CNC glass cutting machine. The shape of the glass is transmitted to the machine by CAD/CAM software and after executing the software in the machine the car glass is produced. After cutting, the glass goes through other processes until it is finally mounted on the car.

Steel structure produced with automatic method

All parts of this massive structure are cut by Plasma Cutting Machines and then welded by operators or welding robots. The whole process is managed by CAD/CAM machining software.

for example:
If your factory or workshop production line (for example the dairy production and packaging line) needs updating or production speeds are low, we will provide a variety of solutions to improve it and by upgrading the mechanical, hardware parts Or software to improve productivity and speed of the product line. If you have an industrial machine (for example a packing machine) that has a low production speed or you want to upgrade it we offer you this service. If you need a special CNC machine or your CNC punch is damaged, we will provide you with the best solution in the shortest time possible. If you have a specific product that you would like to design a product line for packaging, we will provide you with this service. We will design a machine for you according to the product needs, with the highest level of intelligence and automation.

Pars Automation always offers a variety of services and solutions in accordance with the latest technologies in the world.
  Industrial automation consulting
  Design of industrial mechanisms
  Implementation of a variety of industrial projects
  Full project implementation (design, simulation, construction and operation)
  Providing the best solution at the most reasonable price