TexMill is a Comprehensive Product for Milling Application, consisting of a full range of hardware and software solutions addressing the most diverse milling application requirements.

Why TexMill is the Best for Milling Application?
Economic, Flexible, User Friendly, Fast and Smooth movement, Easy Installation And Repair Make it One Of The Best For CNC Machine.
 5 Axis XYZAC With Gantry Function, Table Changer, G-code Support, Automatic Linear/Rotary Tool Change With Automatic Tool Length/Diameter Measurement, Load /Unload, Automatic Suction For Dust, Different Vacuum Zone Control For sheet, Table Safety According To Tool Length And Many Other Functions Make our Solution Complete And Easy to Customize According to Customer.

Motion Commands in TexMill

S-Curve Smoothing

The S-curve changed profile for smooth acceleration and deceleration and minimizes vibration and shock.

Advanced Cornering Strategy

Cornering strategy help system to increase machining with a high speed and lower tolerance.

Spline motion movement

With spline motion strategy axis move smoother and faster, there is some parameter to increase accuracy and decrease error deviation to have a reliable output.

Jerk control

The S-curve changed profile for smooth acceleration and deceleration and minimizes vibration and shock.

Backlash compensation

With backlash compensation function mechanical backlash that user fined in Ball screw set in parameter. For any axis one parameter prepared.

Pitch error compensation

The pitch error information that measured by a separate laser measuring system saved in pitch error parameter. Correction values applied to axis during movement. There is two type for data input for correction parameters. Start point and many distance or start point and one step and number of steps.

Interface and Operation in TexMill

User friendly interface

Main screen divided to 6 separated area and every area show many information. Flexible “Side buttons” allow the user to select operation mode easily. Also it is possible to see real time graph during program execution.

Buttons customization

Function buttons on the bottom of the screen can be freely arranged by user and assigned defined function to theme in “screen setting” (by F4 on setting menu). For “run, hold, main, jog, step and MDI mode there is ready to use.

User friendly operation

With 8 side buttons and 12 function button that all of theme change depend on “operation mode” interface is more flexible and more user friendly so operator can work in advanced with lower time waste.

Diagnostic Function

Full backup restore function

with Full backup/restore function operator can create a backup form parameter, setting, programs and even firmware. With restore function when changing to e new controller, making replacement is easier just in some minute. There are many ways for creating backup like use USB disk directly from controller or using TexMill software under windows with a user-friendly interface. There is many ways for monitoring like Ethernet and GSM modem connection. remote monitoring function manage all programs, parameters and data of the controllers. With touch screen keyboard (soft key board) operator can work with machine without any extra hardware or external keyboard. These keyboard displayed like pop-up window over screen.

Advanced Diagnostic

An advanced diagnostic environment prepared at system that user can test and debug all hardware and part like Axis, Ethernet port, EtherCAT interface, CANopen port, scope, digital I, USB port, variable and …

Touch screen keyboard

With touch screen keyboard (soft key board) operator can work with machine without any extra hardware or external keyboard. These keyboard displayed like pop-up window over screen.

Professional scope

With professional multi channel scope that integrate with CPU and Screen all option for an axis like Velocity, acceleration, Position, error position and defined variable can monitored in real time. Some helpful button prepared for time scale and vertical axis zoom.

Program Function

all ISO g code standard for motion, coordinate, tool offset and ... supported by TexMill. For more detail about other g code and m code refer to “operation manual”. With an open BLC platform user can add any cycle. Just type cycle(for example G84) in program editor , a popup window will be displayed and operator need to insert value. With its graphical interface complex cycle creation is easy for every one.

Parametric programing

Parametric programing powered TexMill to create complex program just in a few line by using mathematical library that support floating calculation 32 bit and 64 bit. All mathematical (like sin, cos, tan, square root and …) , conditional (like if, go to and …) and many other instruction support.

tool Function

TexMill support many function for tool like measurement, life cycle, automatic tool change, table protection, length measurement and radius measurement and many other functions. operator can work and managed tool.

Automatic tool change support (ATC)

By default system support linear fixed tool change, rotary tool change by servo, rotary tool change by Dc motor, linear tool change with cylinder and also user can defined his tool change mechanism. There no any limitation for type of tool change and it is completely open platform for development.

RTCP function

RTCP (rotation tool center point ) activated a special kinematics for machining with the two rotary axes to allow programming of the trajectory on the tip of the tool regardless of its orientation. This mode involved 3 linear axes movement with 2 rotary axes.

Automatic Coordinate setup

With automatic coordinate measurement function, position of Z axis saved in active origin (G54 ~ G59) automatically. This process is like “tool length measurement”. Operator can defined a button for measurement for better operation mode.

Automatic Tool Length Measurement

With automatic tool length measurement function after measuring, length of all tool saved in tool database. For this option one tool setter sensor needed. Operator able to measure: one tool automatically (by F3) all tool automatically (by F4) one tool without sensor manually (by F8)

Tool protection sensor function (ATC)

It is possible to defined for every tool holder one sensor to detect present of tool in tool holder. This function prevent from operator mistake to put a tool on a full tool holder and protect from tool damage or accident tools with tool magazine.

Table protection function

this function make TexMill more powerful in order to prevent from tool damages or table drill, easy configuration just press F4 in calibration menu.

Manual Tool Measurement

With manual tool measurement operator able to measure tool data manually without any sensor or probe.
Operator able to measure:
tool length
tool radius
Table protection parameter

Tool management function

The tool management function provides some functions including tool numbers, editing tool length, editing tool radius, maximum tool number, speed for every tool, tool life monitoring, detect braked tools and etc.

advanced Function

“two file processing function” powered machine to execute two programs that user defined at file mode. Two model supported: One table execute two programs Two table execute two programs This function help user to execute two program continually with out extra operation that lead to time saving and increase efficiently. It two table machine when table 1 work, table2 rest and operator can prepare workpiece for next processing, when table 2 start working operator can put new workpiece on table 1. there is some M code and I/O to help operator better functionality.