TexCut is an application for Flame and Plasma cutting machines that can be used with tex CNC Controllers for cutting purposes.
From A very simple Machine for Flame/Plasma that is a 2D Machine that support X/Y Axis and One Plasma Torch With/without Height controller or 1/2/3 Flame Torch With/without THC to a complete 6 Axis Machine, this application will be usable.

TEXCUT Cutting application features

  • One Plasma Torch (with Automatic Torch height controller through Stepper or Servo)
  • Three Oxygen Torch
  • One Drilling Axis (4th Head is Specialized for drilling)
  • One Rotary Axis for Pipe Cutting
  • Automatic Tool Offset Adjustment
  • Shape Library
  • Total List Of Axes: XYZABUWC , Some Are Optional
  • Bevel Axis (Optional)
  • 7-15 inch touch screen HMI (depends on hardware)
  • Material Database for Easy Operator (Optional)
  • Open loop , Closed loop ,Network Based Axis Control method depend on hardware and type of controller we select
  • Accurate Homming for all axes
  • Drilling Option 1 axis for simple drilling
  • forward-Backward On Profile in hold
  • Customizable Interface and operating system(Optional)
  • Modbus Communication with other Master devices and Android TCP(Optional)
  • Wireless hand wheel(MPG) and XBOX remote control(Optional)
  • Multi Language

  • USB keyboard Support for Data entry and code modification
  • Five Origin Points (g54-g55-g56...)
  • softwareand hardware limit
  • THC: Automatic Torch height Control for Plasma and Flame
  • Laser pointer with Offset for different heads (the same as a tool change)
  • Backlash compensation
  • Input and output, axis diagnostic and many Other diagnostic options
  • sheetangle automatic calculation
  • Multi-function configurable structure for axes, I/O and  Machine
  • remote access through Ethernet for diagnostic  by TEXMILL(Optional)
  • Several potentiometer settings for Feed (speed) Control, Jogging, and also for height Adjustment of Plasma Torch
  • English Manual for Installation
  • Support Auto gas (AGS)and Manual Gas (MGS) control with Hypertherm Plasma
  • Numbers of USB ports:   Power L: 1   Power I: 2
    (USB Hub can Also be added to extend the port numbers and using several devices)

Different configurations to have different Options

There are two Interfaces for Controllers which Both of them are able to work Synchronized together. Power Series of TEX controllers are Powerful and Economic Solutions for Cutting machines. Some of these controllers Support all the cutting options. Some TEX Controllers like Power L, I, J, U could be installed on cutting Machines (detailed technical specifications of them could be found on Texcomputer website).

Structure of the Hardware and Software of Cutting Solution without an industrial HMI

Structure of the Hardware and Software of Cutting Solution with an industrial HMI

Structure of the Hardware and Software of
Cutting Solution without an industrial HMI

Power L

Power i




Analog output for Axis



Encoder input fo Axis



Digital Input



Digital output



Analog Input



-Analog input0..5 volt - 14 bit


7 sigma delta

-Analog Input+/-10 volt - 14 bit

1 optional


Analog Input0-20 mA - 14 bit

1 optional


Expansion digital i/o







1/io & Motion

2/io & Motion

Ether CAT


1 (optional)

USB Port






HMI size



Maximum physical key




Structure of Our CNC system is Configured for a machine to Support 4 axes Interpolation and 4 auxiliary Axes for Other applications. There would be the Possibility of Having a wide range of applications with different axis numbers, From a simple 2-Axis Machine (XY) for Flame Plasma, to a complete 8-Axis Machine with Many Specifications.

Industry 4.0 Compatible

TexCut Software

English-Italian-Arabic-persian Support

library of shapes for Frequently Usable Parts

User-friendly Graphical Multi Language icon

Diagnostic  Function for I/O - Axes - THC

Automatic Torch height control

One of the the Most Important Specifications of a Cutting system is Automatic Torch Height control.
How  Does An Automatic Torch  Height control  Work?  TEXCUT Software Supports Automatic Torch height control(ATHC). This option is very useful when the Sheet Is not Completely Smooth Surface. Quality of Cutting Deponds on Many important parameters, one of which is the Distance between Tip of the Torch and the Surface of the sheet (Arc Length). So, this Distance should be a constant value at the time of Cutting.

Automatic Height control and its parameter

Our Application supports a very powerful system for Torch Handling and Automatic Height control. More complete Explanation is presented on Installation Manual Advantages of Our THC system is That there is no another External Hardware , all THC Process happen inside controller and many detail Parameter can be adjust in HMI.
All Sequences of HIS in TEX are adjustable by Parameters.

Flame Cutting

There are Many advantages in Our Flame Cutting Strategy and Parameters:
- Preheat time adjustment
- Automatic Torch height control support
- Pierce Time
- Multi-level CUT relay for thick Materials
- Ignition/ preheat/ Cut time adjustment
- Kerf Compensation

TEX Cutting Solution advantages

Easy to debug, Diagnostic and check


Powerful monitoring

More efficiency on torch life time

English Manual for Installation

User-Friendly Operator interface

High Quality Cutting Precision

No Need to have a very powerful Hardware, because of A Powerful Software

Peripheral devices

Int-Spi input-output Expansion

Anti-collision head and touch plate sensor

Voltage divider for ATHC

CAN-OPEN I/O Expansion Module

Wireless Remote Controller