607Ci is a new CNC controller with built-in PLC and HMI integrated based on a powerful RISC DUAL CORE 32bit processor that is able to control 8 axis and support 4 axis interpolation with 7 inch 65K full color touch screen LCD that designed and developed for cutting application and general purpose cnc application like flame cutting and plasma cutting and etc ..



65000 colors 7 inch touch screen display
Equipped with Power-i motherboard
60 buttons for user friendly operation
Connect to additional panel and hand wheel for better control and easier machine and axis operation
Support Expansion i/o card up to 900 digital i/o
Able to control 8 axis
4 axis interpolation
12 Axis type supported: Pulse/Dir , Analog Close loop or Can-Open at same time
2 Serial port with Modbus and open protocol for programming
12 Axis type: Pulse/Dir , Analog Close loop or Can-Open at same time
7 general purpose analog input
16 Digital input and 16 digital output in local port
4 open loop pulse output axis for servo and stepper up to 500KHz
4 close loop axis with analog output and encoder input
Support modbus TCP
2 USB port


Flame and plasma cutting
Rotary pipe cutting


Back view

To find cutting dimensions on electrical enclosure refer to catalog

Front view

Connects to electrical enclosure with 6 screws


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