Automatic setting of parameters for the cutting tools on the CNC machines Automatic measuring the wear or the breakage of the cutting tools during the production Machining accuracy control by automatically wear compensation of cutting tools


● Detachable stylus and adjustable setting height
● Adjustable parallelism of stylus top face
● Working state indicator: 1xRed LEDs
● 8 meters length oil proof cable with stainless steel helix jacket
● Specially designed mechanism for easily adjusting and mounting
● Output SSR signals as normal open or normal closed

Technical Parameters:

● Sensing directions: ±X, ±Y, +Z
● Stylus over travel : XY ±5 mm(0.197 inch), Z+8 mm(0.315 inch)
● Hardness of stylus: HRC90~93
● Sealing grade: IP 68
● Input power supply from machine: 24±30%V DC


● Unidirectional repeatability: 2 µm (0.00008 inch)
● Stylus’ column diameter: 10.0±0.005 mm(0.394 inch)



  • نازل باد جهت تمیز کردن سطح اندازه گیری از براده
  • صفحه سفارشی جهت نصب