Power i is the new axes controller with PLC and HMI integrated based on a powerful RISC DUAL CORE processor at 264 MHz 32bit interfaced to a non-volatile

high speed RAM with LCD graphic controller with resolution up to 1024x768. This feature permits you to use better mathematical libraries for 32 bit or 64 bit Floating Point calculations necessary for advanced Motion Control and CNC functions. Power i offers a considerable calculation power and application flexibility at low cost. This permits automatic machine designers to have powerful and flexible Motion control, PLC and HMI functions. The operator panel (HMI) is available from 10” to 15” in both versions with keypad and only Touch. Basic local I/O can be expanded with a cost-effective I/O expansion board connected in SPI. As for all the other controllers of the Power family, you can connect I/O modules in CAN open. Regarding Motion Control, Power i efficiently manages up to 4 interpolated axis through fieldbus. Thanks to its wide hardware peripherals, you can manage axis in analog +/-10V, in Step/Direction, Pwm/Dir and CAN open (Cia 402) and with an optional board it’s possible to manage I/O and axis in Mechatrolink-II or Ether CAT.