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Tex experience in industrial automation obtained over decades, has allowed them to develop a powerful operative system “real time multitasking”, not based on PC technology, which is used on all PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) of the Power family.
PAC identifies the capacity of a controller to manage efficiently 4 fundamental aspects which characterize modern automation:
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a part of the system which mainly manages digital and analog I/O, movement of not interpolated axes, supervises operator's interface and communicates with other devices for automation via CANopen or EtherCAT. 
HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a functional aspect of the Power operative system which offers at the programmer sophisticated graphic objects which can be parametrized to create interface pages rapidly, with touch screen keys, bars to display graphic variables, icon animations, table structures to introduce data or display alarms etc. 

PLC Task ( cyclic execution)
Analog & Digital I/O Management
Point to Point Axes Movements
Gearing & Camming
Interrupt inputs Processing

CNC Task (Sequential Execution)
interpolated movements
Blocks & Macro / ISO Management
Program Management

protocol Proprietary serial 
Ethernet TCP/IP & FTP
CANOPEN & EtheCAT DS402 & DS402 profile
Mechtrolink II

ASCII Editor
Alarms & Diagnostic Management
Main HMI Management
PMT pages Management
Removable storage unity Management (FAT32)

MC (Motion Controller) are the functions of the operative system dedicated to the coordinated movement of the axes, which can be up to 24, all interpolated at the same time.  The flexibility of the operative system allows you to interface the drives, also promiscuously, both via fieldbus (CANopen, Mechatrolink-II or EtherCAT) and in wired logic (+/- 10V, Step/direction or PWM/direction).
IT (Information Technology) identifies the necessary functions to obtain an efficient interface of the machine in its operative field. In view of sophisticated cyber-physic systems foreseen by the strategic Industry 4.0 project, the operative system has been equipped with wide data processing capability which can be sampled also in interrupt and placed in multidimensional structures which can be exported in CSV format.  
All these communications can be, also in wireless mode, through TCP/IP, FTP, Modbus TCP protocols and with the support of OPC Server (Host side) and WEB Server (Controller side) functions.

Making available all of these features on a complete and scalable range of hardware platforms not based on PC technology, we were confident to equip Tex products with qualities which we believe necessary to be successful in the industrial field: performance, flexibility, reliability and cheapness.
To witness the success of the work, the good results obtained by customers in applications as packaging, robotics, pantographs, 3D working, flying cut and industrial handling, all obtained in very competitive and technologically advanced markets.

Axis Interface

Full close loop control axis

An high accurate PID controller task with high resolution gain (P, I, D, KFF and etc) control close loop axis by an analog command (also pulse train signal supported) and used linear scale as feed back. 

Pulse output interface

For all type of power controller series (L, I, J, H ) prepared 4 pulse output on P2 port. These four output able to control 4 servo or stepper with 500KHz frequency output. 

CAN-Open interface

CAN-Open interface with 1Mbs help user to have CAN-Open axis (DS402) and CAN-Open module IO (DS302) at same time. 

EtherCAT interface

With EtherCAT interface controller will be able to control new generation of motor with EtherCAT protocol and also EtherCAT remote IO. 

Mechatrolink interface 

Mechatrolink interface like EtherCAT supported by Power controller series. It used just for interpolated axis. 


USB interface

USB interface on front and backside to connect Mouse, keyboard,  scanner and ... to.

Touch screen monitor 

All type of controller are touch screen and also support mouse. 

CANopen module

A new modular and compact solution in order to expand the controller I/O.  

Open protocol Serial Port 

Controller equipped with Rs232 and RS485 port.  user can define a special protocol for any device and communication.

64 bit floating calculation 

With 64 bit CPU ,that support floating and many other calculation system able to process fast and have a good responsibility.

USB Barcode reader function 

This option help user to Connect USB barcode readers to the controller to start processing file that specified by barcode reader.  

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